Climbing up that hill

Yes, this title is obviously a reference to Kate Bush’s song and to Stranger Things. I watched episode 4 of season 4 last night and I believe that this episode is the reason why the song is all over the internet at the moment. Incidentally, this song was one of my very favorite songs circa 1986, and 36 years later, and having listened to it probably a few million times, I still find it as mesmerizing as the first time. Actually, I didn’t listen to it that often. I didn’t really listen to it that much from the late 90s until a couple of years ago. However, for the past few months, almost every time I listen to Youtube Music “smart mix” or whatever it’s called (and that is almost every day when I’m in my office), it’s been playing. So yeah, after not really listening to it for a few years, I listened to it a couple of times a week for the past few months, and now… It’s a hit again!

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