What is Liminal Web?

Liminal Web is a newsletter where I talk about various things and thoughts that don’t always fit in my blogs, but ironically, the content of this newsletter is similar to what blogging was in its early days and its heydays. Literally a weblog.

There are at the moment three main sections:

  • Soliloquies: Where I write about whatever subject I feel like writing about on that day.

  • MetaStructure: I’ve been trying to write fiction for quite a while now. This is what this section is about.

  • Setouchi Art & Islands: Where I talk about various things pertaining to my corner of Japan. I also have a blog about this place.

Also, because I maintain too many blogs (and start new ones, close old ones, etc.) I understand that it’s difficult for my readers to keep track of all the things I publish online (you *could* subscribe to all of them😉). In order to keep track of things, I (ir)regularly post a list of links to the various things I have published online here and there.

Why subscribe?

Subscribe to get a glimpse of the things that surround me and that I care about. I guess this is art, culture, and my corner of Japan, mostly. But really, I could be talking about anything here, so subscribe if you already know me. Subscribe if you like to be surprised. Subscribe if you like to read. Subscribe if you already are a reader of my blogs. Subscribe if you want to become a reader of my blogs. Just subscribe and see what happens. One thing is sure, you’ll get full access to the newsletter and website and you’ll never miss another update.

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Blogger, Teacher, Father, Immigrant. Gallivants on the Seto Inland Sea art islands. Teaches English at a Japanese university. Raises two wonderful kids that drive him nuts. Doesn't read nearly enough. Writes things. Tries to be better at it.